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I was born 3mos premature.

I was in and out of the hospital for a year. My mother smoked, but not during the pregnancy.

It's a little over 19 years later and I have severe upper body weakness.

My hands are small and there is weak muscle. My hands are gnarled and claw-like. (This is not an exaggeration, this has been written on my disability forms.)

I have problems with hand-eye coordination, combined with this overall weakness it has been and is difficult for me when it comes to basic things such as swimming, riding a bicycle, and driving a car.

So PLEASE, think of your BABY, your CHILD and the PAIN they will have if you can't fight the disease for them-- if they survive at all! I almost didn't and my mother was fairly healthy!
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hi, just joined the community to say something as well but i'll leave this community once i post my opinions...

if ever i'll get pregnant, i would'nt try to continue to be an ANA. i'll eat my way up with healthy foods and try to eat the right foods for my baby to be healthy. i wouldn't starve myself and let my baby suffer from starvation while she/he's in me.

even if i get a fat ass, i'll still continue to eat healthy foods. after i get birth to my baby, and she's grown enough, that's when i'll continue to go to the gym and stay slim. i wouldn't like my baby be born with unhealthy heart! please...

i don't think this is a nice community to join. for me, my baby's more important than me. i may not have a baby but i understand their health. so staying thin can wait. but health is still my No.1 priority...

that's all... thanks for the time..
i'm outa here!!!

would you let this baby suffer???

bobay nice1

how about this cute baby???


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Just joined to say one thing (ill leave the community as soon as i post this)

My grandma was anorexic from her early twenties to her fifties. She gained NINE pounds when she was pregnant with my mom--and my mom weighed 7.6 lbs at birth.


Well, it seems that this community is garnering a very negative response. I'm not sure exactly why, as people tend to call names instead of raising an intelligent debate. So I will try to pre-empt what I can...

I have the utmost concern for the health of my baby. I want her to have all the nutrition she needs to function properly. However, I am not interested in getting ANY more than the barest minimum of safety.

Lots of moms-to-be diet and work out. They stay skinny and svelte. Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum, Gwenyth goes on and on. They go on to have healthy, happy babies.

Anorexics like to compare anorexia to cancer. It is a disease, not a choice or a lifestyle. So let me ask you, if you got pregnant tomorrow, would you suddenly be recovered? If a cancer victim got pregnant, should she stop having cancer for the health of her baby?

Lastly, anorexia is NOT just about starvation. It is a mental disorder, involving the obsessions and predilections outlined in the DSM-IV. These issues still remain after conception.

And hey, at least we all have amenorrhea XD

EDIT: Lots of people are now saying that it's okay to damage yourself, but NOT okay to hurt others.

Ladies...if you think that your ED is not hurting ANYONE and EVERYONE who cares for are fooling yourselves. Sorry.


Wheeee!! I am so excited about this new community. I hope that lots of people join!

I was wondering...does anybody know how many calories per day the baby (well, fetus) consumes? LOL, hows pregnancy for negative calorie food?? ^_^

I'm really excited to be a mom, but I'm just not ready to give up ana. Strangely enough, I don't mind the "bump". It's not disgusting fat's hard, with the skin stretched taut. I kinda like it. I just don't want the REST of me to be fat. I'm sure that if I get just enough for the baby, and also take my prenatal vitamins and stuff, I will be okay.

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